Wednesday, December 5, 2007

50% Off Sale @ Factory People

Not exactly sure what's going on at Factory People, but apparently everything is 50% off. Are they going under? I hope not. That would be so, so sad. Where would I buy t-shirts for the men in my life? And how did they come to have an ape-man as a model? I'll investigate into both matters, but in the meantime, here are some to snatch up for half the price.

BBlessing Friends Forever tee, now $32.

BBlessing Small Bull V-Neck tee, now $32.

I had to crop the hairy ape-man, lest I scare you away from this lovely, Japanese jersey V neck from B. Son. Now $115.50.

Clarendon's Two Sevens Clash tee, $24.50.

Surface to Air Sword necklace, $72.

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