Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gifts for Hipster Babies

I'm still in denial disbelief that I'm actually old enough to have a friend who has a baby. Babies are adorable, sí, but I have no desire to have one take up residence in my body and then leave rather messily through a very narrow exit, leaving a trail of stretch marks in its wake. It's not on the agenda for anytime in the near future.

Anyway, with having a fashion blog and a friend who has recently given birth comes the responsibility of buying stylish gifts for her tot. Though my friend is indeed a mommy, she's of the MILF variety, and painfully hip to boot. She will see to it that her kid has steez coming out of his diapers, which are probably eco-friendly and feature the designs of a struggling Berlin-based graf artist. He will not be seen in duck-print anything, or anything befitting those Hickey Freeman ads that scare the daylights out of me.

Fortunately, someone at Marimekko must have had the same dilemma, because they designed this striped onesie that's perfect for the Brooklyn stroller set. $50 @ Auto, available through Refinery29.

It looks like Scandinavians have the problem covered, because in addition to the Marimekko, I found these baby slip-ons on 111vox. They have little robots on them. And robots kick duck ass. $22.

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