Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lose the Backpack

A friend recently asked me if I had any good bag recommendations for guys. Though it's been years since he set foot in a classroom, his best option to date has been a backpack. Looking for something a bit more sophisticated, but wary of anything resembling a man purse (or "murse,"as they are known in some circles), he wasn't having much luck. When pockets aren't enough to cart around all your essentials and you want to be taken a bit more seriously than a backpack allows, try these stylish yet understated options.

For day, try this messenger-style canvas satchel from Rag & Bone (who manage to make just about everything look better). It's an easy baby step away from your backpack. $175 @ Barneys.

For work, an inherited heirloom briefcase would be pretty awesome. If you can't do vintage, or no one loved you enough to leave you a bespoke Swaine Adeney or handcrafted Hermes, try the Trudeau by Want. The grey is a great alternative to black or tan. Pair with your smartest skinny suit. $995 @ Jake.

It's about time you invested in a grown-up travel bag, too. I'm in love with this ruggedly handsome duffel from Filson. $345 @ Steven Alan Annex.
If you have any other suggestions, hit up the comments.

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