Monday, February 25, 2008

"The Only Oscar We Care About"

It comes as no surprise that last night's Academy Awards were another snoozefest. Why I even bothered watching the dull, painfully slow affair (even in spite of the fact that the magic of DVR allowed me to fast-forward through the most boring bits and seemingly endless montages) in its entirety is still something I can't quite figure out. It probably had a little something to do with the fact that I had heaploads of French homework I didn't feel like doing, opting instead to stay up all night with Contacts: Langue et Culture Françaises. By this point, I feel like the characters on my audiotapes are mes amis and have a vague notion of what they might look like. I'm almost certain that the male is mustachioed and that the female has chic, sideswept bangs.

If you too share my antipathy towards the time-wasting, boredom-inducing awarding of golden statuettes, you might want to head over to Coutorture and check out a different kind of Oscar: our recent photo shoot features plummy looks from Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2008 collection. The clothes were absolutely gorgeous in person (not to mention weighed a ton as I lugged them to Brooklyn -- a testament to their fine quality I suppose) and included an awesome pair of knit pants whose length inspired me to consider taking up stilts. Go see!

Photo by Alex Norden.

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