Friday, February 22, 2008

The Rich Boys Are Weeping

Rejoice! For the legions of fanboys worshipping at the Maison of Martin Margiela, there could be no miracle more divine than catching mention of his holy name attached to the word "sale." The nights you spent on your knees in fervent prayer have clearly paid off because I'm about to share with you a revelation that will send you into a rapturous heat: wonderful, cozy, devastatingly beautiful MM mittens reduced to a third of their original price. Just remember:

Thou shalt show kindness to thy neighbor and let him borrow, lest he band together with a gang of fashionable thugs, wait patiently outside your house, rip them from your hands, and steal away into the dark and chilly night.

After being marked down to £ 26, they're still priced precious, but pray consider how infrequently such miracles occur, and that three different knitting techniques were utilized in their creation. Available at Oki-ni.
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