Monday, February 25, 2008

Tee'd Off

The t-shirt market has become, by now, saturated with horrible ideas, but the idiocy shows no sign of letting up, as designers churn out one bad design after another. It seems they've realized that there will always be some attention-seeking d-bag who will pay top dollar for shirts festooned with pictures of unicorns! Seizure-inducing geometric patterns in fluo colors! The retro-cool logos of summer camps you never went to (because they probably never existed)! There is simply no more irony left to be wrung from the art of the graphic tee, and any further attempts to do so just read as lame and fall flat. It's a challenge to come across one these days that neither offends nor bores me, but here are a few that have sparked my interest, or at least a fleeting glimmer thereof.

Even though this smacks a bit of ethnic caricature (totally played), I like the colors and composition. Ambiguous Pass the Soup tee, $30 @ The Closet.

Modern Amusement Bread Bike Crew T-Shirt
, $46 @ Tobi. It's simple and clean.

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