Friday, March 14, 2008

Justice, Chromeo, Midterms Cause Negligence

I haven't disappeared, I promise. This week has just been chock full of projects, studying for midterms, organizing my exhaustive music collection (how did I manage to fill an entire external hard drive?) for my new iPod, getting dancey to some really amazing DJs, and throwing back a few drinks too many.

However, I will deliver some goodness before the day gets away from us, and I will be back full force on Monday. Wish me luck, though at this point, I'll need prayers, too. And detox.

I blame these guys for my delinquency:

Chromeo. Dear friends, for my birthday I would like a keyboard with legs, and a vocoder.


I don't have a picture of DJ Mehdi, Busy P or Fancy, so you can just look at these fists in the air.

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