Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Girl Blue

Shorts, once the province of children, gym-goers, and tacky American tourists, have been making their way back onto the fashion scene over the past few seasons. As I've been perusing the spring offerings of this once neglected (and for good reason) garment, I've noticed more than one pair in blue. Coincidence or trend?

In God We Trust Button-Up Shorts, $20 (originally $90) @ Refinery29.
LaRok's Josephine Short features gold hardware. $178 @ Otte.

Anlo Kira Hot Short
. Available in electric blue (shown), navy, or white. $156 @ Shopbop.

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  1. Your skin looks luminous in your photo. I was wondering if you could tell us what make-up you are using..i.e. powder, foundation, blush or highlighter to get this look?

  2. It's just the lighting! The right lighting is probably the best makeup. I see it all the time at our photos shoots at work. We never put foundation on the models and the pics come out great, all because of the lighting.