Wednesday, July 9, 2008


No, those are not the measurements of an extremely pear-shaped woman. Oak is having its end-of-season sale, wherein merchandise is marked down 30% the first week, 40% the following week, and then 50% the final week. It began yesterday, so start stalking some of your favorite items. But don't sit on an amazing score, waiting for the price to drop. Reel in the following finds quickly, because they're sure to slip away. Here are some pieces I recommend for the gents:

Oak's own Grey Motorcycle Jacket, now $172. It's been featured on NotCot and is already somewhat wallet-friendly at 30% off.

Black Nylon Windbreaker with a hideaway hood and contrast zipper and drawstrings, now $186. Just a great piece to have in your wardrobe, always.

A-Z Collection's Parachute Jacket is an interesting take on the windbreaker. The slim fit and styling details keep it from looking suspiciously similar to a trash bag. Now $260.

Hyden Yoo's skillful tailoring makes for an impeccable fit and is quickly turning the label into a menswear staple. Blue Pencil Stripe Shirt, now $102.

Sadly, there isn't much for the ladies unless you're really into tent dresses (frankly, I'm ready for a new silhouette), but there are some cute Matt Bernson sandals.

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