Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Approved (But Not Wholeheartedly Endorsed)

Dear boy readers,

I apologize for the lack of consumables on these pages over the past couple of weeks, but you see, it's really not my fault. There seems to be a dearth of options in the stylish summer menswear department, the whole internet over, and I would never advise you to buy anything I didn't deem good enough for you. I won't have you running around town looking less than dapper (I have a reputation to uphold, after all), so I've refrained from pushing the sub-par products that are currently clogging the www, burdening it with ugly. I realize, however, that I can't very well leave you naked, so something must be done to help your lot in this time of wardrobe suffering. I've managed to round up some summer button-downs that don't offend my sartorial sensibilities.

Long-sleeved button-downs are summerized (new word, just trying it out) in lightweight, semi-sheer fabrics. Scou Linen Shirt, $52 @ Yes Style.

The blue-and-orange combo is fresh and summery. This one would probably look cute on skinny boys with a bit of a beer belly, which seems to be the body type trend du jour. Nudie Jeans Efraim Button-Up, $165 @ Revolve.

Feeling the recession in utilitarian chic. It's like you just ripped off your name tag for after-work activities. Smooth Company Mella Button Up, now $63 (was $125) @ Revolve.

But! If your status is "unaffected upper strata," you can go all crisp and dressy, flouting our troubled times. When paired with white pants, this one is perfect for a fancy picnic on your sprawling plantation home, or a party on your mega yacht, where you can laugh at others' misfortunes and dance badly with other Gatsbies, while the Country Time Lemonade girl swings idly on a tree nearby. Lova Checkered Woven Shirt, now $125 (was $180).

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