Monday, August 4, 2008

Dangly Things

When it comes to jewelry, I've never been a Tiffany's or pearl strand kind of girl (unless they're vintage heirlooms, compliments of grandma), preferring pieces that appear delicate at first glance, but upon closer inspection, reveal a tougher element. The pieces that have gotten the most play include a pair of dangling handcuff earrings I found in Paris, a butcher knife charm hanging from a dainty chain, a silver werewolf ring (RIP! Finder will be handsomely rewarded), and a charm-laden chain/leather Erickson Beamon bracelet that I've fashioned into a necklace. Right now, I'm into all things dangly, and these pieces come highly recommended if you want pretty without the precious.

Wisps of black and blue leather recall dark plumes. Anna Korte Vintage Jewelry The Spirits Dance Earrings, $62 @ Tobi.

This lovely lariat features a lightning bolt charm at center. I'm usually not into the lightning bolt thing, but I think it's done nicely here. Anna Korte Vintage Jewelry A Great Light Necklace, $70 @ Tobi.

Lisa Levine's Stardust earrings are a messy tangle of delicate chains. $180 @ Refinery29.
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