Monday, July 28, 2008

Oregon Trail

Portland has long been on my list of Places I Must Go. Lured by the famed beauty of the Pacific Northwest, as well as a vibrant fashion scene, I'm hankering for a visit. Portland-based designer Liza Rietz has made an appearance on this blog before (in the form of one lovely grey batwing dress), but I recently took a peek at her Fall '08 lookbook and fell in love with her line. Perhaps one of the reasons I find her designs so appealing is that her collections aren't season-specific. Twice a year, she releases a tightly edited collection of limited-run pieces, so each garment has the special feel of a unique objet trouvé that can be pulled out of the closet whenever in need of a pick-me-up, at any time of year. Perhaps it's just that these models bear a slight resemblance to her, but I'm suddenly picturing Maggie Gyllenhaal, my favorite saucer-eyed gamine (sorry Zooey Deschanel!), carting Ramona around Brooklyn in a fancy stroller. You can find these designs at Liza's Portland store/studio, Liza Rietz and Broken Spoke, located at 2305 NW Savier Street, or online via her Etsy shop.

Cotton-blend cloche, $39. Young moms don't have much time for hairstyling, so this would be a great solution to the greasies.

Ruffle dress, $260. Where the f*&% is my nanny? She is so fired.

Ruffle bib dress, $240. So pretty. You really have to see the detail.

Pocket dress, $290. The deep, conical pockets create an architectural shape and are great for storing bottles, pacifiers, and things of that ilk. Or perhaps for berry-picking . . .

Great styling here. I love the pairing of a fluid cape with a short, fitted dress, and the fresh, unexpected combination of hot pink with grey. They probably also do a good job of hiding stubborn post-baby weight. Kimono Jacket, $325.

Sadly, this lovely gown isn't available on Etsy. Whatever will I wear when I want to play forest maiden, wandering along dried-up creek beds and examining the fauna with disinterest? Please point me in the direction of top stylist to distressed damsels, disgruntled fairies, and disaffected wood nymphs.

Ever wary of less stylish forest-dwellers, I keep a watchful eye over my turf.
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