Friday, July 11, 2008

Worth Your While

If you ever find yourself in Charleston, SC, hit up Worthwhile Boutique at 268 King Street. I haven't been myself, but I recently came across their website, and my, is their stuff gorgeous. Perusing the selection of womens clothing and accessories, I was instantly struck by the keen attention to texture. I could imagine the feel of each piece of merchandise. The buyer clearly has a gift, using the tactile senses to evoke a sense of airy lightness mingled with substance, a balanced tranquility that seems at once earthy and otherworldly. I got this vibe just from browsing the very bare-bones photos on their website, so I can only imagine what the store itself must feel like. Around since '93, it pioneered the lifestyle store concept in Charleston, introducing innovative independent labels, unique housewares, and the latest in grooming products to an otherwise sleepy town (fashion-wise, that is -- I've known a few Charleston gals who were anything but dull).

Handmade leather bag by Pollux, $785.

Johnny Farah B-2 Belt, $310.

Hazel Brown Washed Ramie Dress, $226.80.

Gary Graham Silk Chiffon Drawstring top, $368 (also see Gary Graham Silk Chiffon Drawstring Dress).

Imitation Snap Front Tunic Dress, $154.80.

Lars Andersson One Button Short Jacket, $628.

Ilaria Nistri Washed Linen Coat, $580.80.

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  1. Love Charleston - this is a great find!

  2. check out their new fall collections from kristensen du nord, gasa, blur leather jackets. gorgeous.

  3. I love Ilaria Nistri! She is one of my favorite designers. Her designs are always so glamorous and chic. I saw that is having a sample sale on monday and tuesday next week! I can't wait. I've been waiting for this one.