Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Your Cute Fix for the Day

I realized I haven't done a baby post in a while, so I rounded up some pieces to make us all go, "awww." Baby clothes sure have changed since we were wee ones. I don't remember having Superstars (though my brothers and I did share a pretty awesome pair of velcro Smurf shoes). Onesies only came in Easter colors and usually featured ducks or some other cuddly cartoon animal. And what toddler didn't have a sailor outfit?

Available through Swiss shop Kitchener, these are a far cry from the saccharine styles and precious pastels my mother had me wearing.

Adidas Superstar, approx. $44.37.

Car print onesie, approx. $17.26.

Floral print pajamas, approx. $26.33.
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