Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dainty Drawers

One of my favorite places to window shop in the city is Lyell, a tiny little space on Elizabeth over in Nolita. It's usually pretty spare, as it was on my last visit (I guess they're getting ready for new merch to arrive), which helps conjure up a private boudoir feel, and it's the kind of place that calls to mind faded wallpaper and the scent of your grandmother's perfume. Emma Fletcher's finely made, vintage-inspired clothes are delicately suspended on rich mahogany hangers, and the sweet salesgirls make it a pleasant place to browse wistfully and imagine what kind of tea you would have sipped and the company you might've kept 60 years ago. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. Filmy blouses, wool pencil skirts, vintage shoes, and lace-trimmed intimates await.

From the S/S '08 lookbook.

I'm not so into frilly, floral undies, but this lovely set is sweet without inducing nausea. I like the combination of the vintage print on a clean, streamlined design, and almost wish it were a bathing suit. Lyell Floral Bra Set, $195 @ Refinery29.

Photo credit: www.refinery29.com

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