Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hiding the Evidence

New fall merch is in at 80's Purple. After the damage you've probably done this summer (rooftop barbecues, day-boozing at music festivals, lazing poolside), you might be glad it's nearly time to start covering up again. Bring on the jackets and hoodies. Some stylish ways to disguise added girth, brought to you by Obey:

Okay, so a busy pattern, and in red of all colors, is not something I'd normally recommend if you're trying to look svelte, but this one is cut well. And who can resist plunging their hands into a kangaroo pocket? Obey Hassle Free Zip Hoodie, $60. Hmm, apparently this color is called "orange" on their website. Am I colorblind? Also available in teal.

I like, but being that I'm anti-logo, I find the patch on the pocket mildly irksome. Nothing a seam ripper can't fix. Obey Brick by Brick Zip Hoodie, $60.

Obey Speakeasy Jacket in Graphite, $114 (qualifies for free shipping since it's over $99). Almost has too much going on, but not bad at all for the price. Also available in brown.

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