Friday, August 29, 2008

In Which I Recant My Low Opinion of NYU Boys

After complaining last night about the NYU-sters that have descended, locust-like, on my slice of Manhattan, disrupting my tranquility with their obnoxious Long Island accents (oh, wait, I didn't actually say that) and generally bringing my summer to an abrupt end in a manner most unpleasant, a bout of reflection has forced me to reconsider my words. While I may not dig the 4 AM shriekings outside my window, the snotty JAPitude of rich girls, or the occasional pile of vom on my doorstep, in all fairness, I knew the university was here before I moved in, so I should've known what I was getting myself into. Furthermore, I can't be so blindly disdainful as to forget the numerous times those very boys I railed against have helped me out in bad situations, like immediately jumping in when my grocery bags ripped, or insisting on carrying my suitcases up and down subway stairs. So, NYU boys, I'm sorry for unjustly slinging vitriol in your direction. And to make it up to you, here is a much better fall jacket than the one I posted yesterday.

Mike & Chris Cadison Fleece Jacket, $262 @ Oak.

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  1. I as well live in a student town and like some hoard of locusts the students have once again descended upon my city wrecking havoc and drinking copiously... but they're not all bad.... what better excuse for an end of summer vaca.......

  2. I know! For the most part, they're nice kids, and at least they're not uber-fratty like in other college towns. Still, I'm planning on skipping town rather frequently.