Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mad Women

Earlier this year, I attended a trend forecasting presentation given by Doneger Group's David Wolfe. He's sort of the fashion industry's Oracle of all things soon-to-be-hip, and it was wonderful to watch him speak because it was obvious he really loves his job. One of his dead-on predictions for the Spring '09 season and beyond (mind you, it was not yet Spring '08) was that AMC's hit show Mad Men would have a major impact on menswear. However, as practically everyone and their mother has been noting left and right, the show's 60's-corporate styling also seems to have infiltrated womenswear, in the form of throwback secretary gear and vintage cocktail getups. If Isaac Mizrahi's Spring/Summer collection is any indicator, there will be more than a few modern day Joans and Peggys running around come Spring, as well as a healthy dose of Betty's Stepford-ish trophy wifery.

Don Draper's new secretary has been acting a fool and butting heads with Joan lately, and I'm waiting for a stapler-hurling fight to erupt. This is what the pretty office newbie might be wearing when our dear Ms. Holloway scratches her eyes out. I love the corseted waist detail.

I'm really itching for poor ol' Pegs to get a makeover one day and show up at Sterling Cooper a vixenized bitch and take no prisoners in the board room. I'm wondering if she'll take Joan's advice and "stop dressing like a little girl." I'm hoping she might want to trade her trademark frump for pieces like this feminine topper.

This one is so Betty. Just another ensemble in which to play glowing arm ornament to Don's enigmatic leading man, while occasionally stealing away to flirt with a college boy and react with faux indignation when he flirts back.
Photo credit: Slaven Vlasic

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