Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Marc Jacobs Some Sort of Genius/Devil/Wizard-type Person

Is he just showing off now?

In publishing this post I will probably be the millionth blogger to heap praise on Marc Jacobs' Spring/Summer 2009 collection and declare him a sartorial deity (though I think he might rather play the devil). Since everyone else has climaxed already and is probably enjoying a post-coital cigarette by now, I'll just describe for you my very visceral reaction to this truly awe-inspiring collection.

The moment I glimpsed the first outfit, my mind nearly short-circuited in confusion as I tried to absorb everything that was going on -- and to say that there was "a lot" would be a gross understatement. I drew back from the computer screen, and once recovered from the initial shock, clicked my way through the rest of the images. The reaction that followed was OMFG (and I am not in the habit of uttering Gossip-Girl-speak). Good God, I didn't know it was even possible to combine so many disparate elements (excluding a few Project Runway mishaps) and yet somehow it worked, so my next thought was, "how the eff . . ." which, naturally, led to subsequent suspicions that magic was involved. Click after click solicited sigh after sigh, and I decided I didn't care what it was that he was doing to me. I loved it. It's a collection I could look at hundreds of times, years later even, and still notice details I hadn't caught before.

Every time I see it, I change my mind about which looks are my favorite (and will probably change it again before the end of this post). Of course, I could never pull off most of them, but there are elements of the following that are definitely doable:

I don't need to tell you again how much I love plaid button-downs. And the bustle skirt could look cute with a very simple tank or tee.

Would love to wear this to a fancy garden party.

This printed coat with wrapped waist is one of the easier looks.

I would do either the skirt with a plain top or button-down, or the top paired with jeans, but I don't have the moxie to pull off both at once. And how perfect is the red accent of the shoes? Those are a keeper not matter what the combination.

Some detail shots . . .

Green striped suns and gorgeous top.

Check out those stacked bangles.

Cummerbund accessorized with giant safety pin.

Love the heel.

Photo credit: Style.com - Marcio Madeira and Greg Kessler


  1. these heels are insane...seriously though how the hell would you walk in them?

  2. I have a feeling I'd stare at them more than I'd actually wear them, but you never know . . . I mean, Louboutins are somehow shockingly comfortable, despite being dangerously high.