Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prints Charming

Hope everyone is enjoying the T-Day holiday. If for some reason it's not going so well and you feel the need to flee the family circus, you could always feign some work-related emergency and spend the remainder of the evening tucked behind your computer screen. Perhaps the excitement of a Net-a-Porter sale can help you drown out the voices of those annoying and/or drunk relatives.

Here are a few retro-fab printed dresses for your consideration.

Single Dance silk jersey dress, now $162.50 (was $325). I adore this print -- it's my favorite of the bunch.

Tibi Silk jersey print dress, $172.50 (was $345). Psychedelic paisleys done up in electrifying hues + black tights = modern boho. Just steer clear of anything velvet.

Jovovich-Hawk Vicky textured dress, $212.40 (was $354). Light and silky -- reminds me of a filmy vintage dressing gown.
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