Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Legs for Days

After witnessing every possible permutation in the legwear category over the last few years, there isn't much in the way of tights or leggings that elicits more than a yawn from me. However, as winter winds down and I find myself bored of all the variants balled up in my closet, I figure it can't hurt to take one last peek around for something to put the spring back into my step. Some ideas:

Semi-sheer burnout leggings allow you to play a game of peekaboo with passerby, but are still tame enough for everyday wear. Alternative Apparel Burnout Leggings, $58.

I'd feel compelled to dance in these. No idea why. They just make me wanna. Insight Galaxier Leggings, $38.

I'm often made fun of for the fact that I insist on wearing thigh highs on an almost-daily basis. Say what you will of my impracticality, but I'd rather risk feeling a cold breeze whisk up my skirt than glimpse that unsightly center seam I so often see on women who wear regular tights under fitted clothing. I love the gorgeous band on these. Falke Lunelle 8 Peacock Stay Up Tights, $49.
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