Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wise Buys

A month-long absence certainly deserves an explanation, but I'm afraid I've none that's very satisfying. An overwhelming sense of impending economic doom, coupled with general sartorial ennui, has robbed me of the desire to shop (or write about it). The immensity of our financial woes at present has got me in a pensive, cautious mood these days, and like many once-avid consumers of luxury goods, I've been trading acquisitions for experiences. I must say, it's been a good thing. However, I'm temporarily bored with my boredom, so I return once again to the self-assigned duty of finding you stylish clothes to wear.

One effect of the economic crisis is that it forces us to think differently about our everyday choices. The business of getting dressed becomes more of a creative exercise when a limited budget requires that you figure out what you can do without, and what to do with what you have. Since you can only really buy what you'll use, value, however you choose to define it, takes precedence over trends, peer influences, or that inexplicable wild impulse you get when looking at a pair of Louboutins.

Here are some beautiful, timeless, trend-transcending finds for under $200.

These lovely, cracked leather sandals are the perfect combination of tough and delicate, and I like that they aren't aggressively gladiator. You'll still be able to wear them long after the fad wanes. Muzina gladiator sandals, $104.

Although the design is certainly unique, this sweater has a timelessness about it that makes me think I'd never grow tired of it no matter how many times I wore it. Twinkle - Womens Knitted Cowl Sweater (Aluminum/Coral), $132.

Sigerson Morrison really does make the most foot-flattering flats, and the Pitme style is especially gorgeous. The cut is classic, yet the texture and not-quite-black hue create visual interest that adds a little something to your look. Once $595, they're now on sale for $178. Available in purple and navy.

Photo credit:
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5. www.shopzoeonline.com

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  1. Update: Bought the Muzina sandals and love them. I tried on the Sigerson flats at Zoe and they showed way too much toe cleavage, so I passed them up.