Sunday, March 15, 2009

She Hit Pause

Before I launch into this post, I must share with you my latest slice-of-New-York story. I left my apartment early this afternoon and decided to hit up the ATM before setting out. I walked into the Bank of America on the corner of 8th and B'way, and midway through my transaction, noticed a foul stench permeating the ATM vestibule. I looked to my left to see a half-clothed homeless man CLEANING HIMSELF in the corner. His back was facing towards me, and it was covered in scabs or sores of some kind. I quickly finished my transaction and ran out to the street corner to call the friend I was supposed to meet up with. He wanted to see for himself, so he walked over, by which time a bunch of tourists were gathered round, gawking at the ATM bather. It was an interesting start to my day, and a refreshing reminder that despite the fact that the Gap, Coldstone Creamery, and Chipotle have all taken up residence in my uber-gentrified 'hood, there will always be remnants of the New York of old.

My friend Sam and I went on to spend the better half of our Sunday trawling the Brooklyn Flea Pop-up in Dumbo, where we browsed vintage housewares, sampled yummy Mexican fare, and gazed longingly at overpriced lamps and coffeetables. I met Erica, one of the designers from Species by the Thousands (of beloved werewolf ring fame) and bought a supersoft tee with beer can print from the Milton Carter stall, while Sammy made out with some vintage Timberland loafers and a mind-blowingly awesome book about 60's design. However, the best find of the day was the achingly lovely Polaroid-based artwork of She Hit Pause. The artist, Matt Schwartz, was on hand to explain his process, which involves scraping off the top layer of 8x10 format Polaroids, resulting in hauntingly beautiful imagery that's tinged with an ineffable nostalgia. Sam was partial to a surfer girl pic, and I couldn't decided which I liked best -- I wanted just about every print he had on offer. The following are at the top of my list:

I love the playful feeling of Rainbow Tights. $65 as an unframed 8x10.

Love, love, love Girl in Field. A summertime spent sprawled out on the grass listening to my favorite albums sounds like heaven.

Girl with Plane is one of his newer works. I think I'd do this one in the larger, 11x14 format. $85 unframed.

Runners up:

Girl with Piano.

Blue Shoes.
Typewriter in Grass. If I had a desk, I'd hang this over it.

Girl Surfing, Sam's favorite.

Photo credit: Matt Schwartz


  1. That guy is my friend Kate's bf (husband?)! I can't wait to tell her about your post :-)

    And yes, the pictures are always so beautiful.

  2. No way! He was super nice. I'm saving up for a set!