Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suede and Saturated

Vivid brights are on my radar for summer. Loving these:

Dico Suede Sandal in blue, now $142.80 @ Otte (was $204).
Les Prairies de Paris La Poste green clutch, $325 @ Gargyle. I haven't bought a clutch in ages, but this suede envelope style is lovely. Waiting for it to go on sale . . .

Vancouver-based designer Ashley Watson recycles suede jackets to make lovely handbags like this one. Small Phoebe bag, $288 @ Candystore Collective.
Photo credit:
1. www.otteny.com
2. www.gargyle.com
3. www.candystorecollective.com


  1. This blue bag is really great!! I like it!!


  2. I know - i heart it and i'm in need of a fun summer bag that is just roomy enough but doesn't look backbreaking. my shoulders need a break!