Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thunder and Lightning, Very, Very Frightening

A terrific storm is raging outside my window this Sunday evening, replete with deafening thunderclaps and strobe-style lightning. I caught the first drops, which fell in wayward fashion from every direction, so that my umbrella, although very cute, was rendered useless. Once home and dry, I chose to spend the remainder of my evening cozied up with a Freaks & Geeks DVD and a dessert I like to call ice cream soup: a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream left to thaw until it achieves a soup-like consistency and the brownie chunks are easily discovered by my spoon. It's 1,000 calories of awesome.

If you are out braving the storm right now instead of being nestled within layers of bedding with the aforementioned dessert, I hope you're appropriately attired. The rest of us should prepare for what the weather sites are predicting to be a week-long deluge. Some items of note:

Aigle's Malouine Rain Boot is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Hunter wellies. $89.50 @ Martin + Osa.

And here is my beloved apple print umbrella. It features a lovely, wooden crook handle and a powerful push-button mechanism that makes me feel like a superhero (a bionic, waterproof Mary Poppins?) every time I point it skyward to open/close it, and the associated feeling of invincibility makes me all the more impervious to the rain. I'll surely lose it, and I'll be so upset when I do. Marimekko Omena umbrella, $40 @ Finnstyle.

Perhaps I'll replace it with this one. Marimekko's Kaarna umbrella provides a burst of color to counteract the gloom of gray skies. $49.

For a great summer trench that won't break the bank, try this style from Topshop. The light stone color is season-appropriate and the bow-back detail adds a youthful, feminine touch, making it the perfect topper to throw over a slip of a sun dress and ballet flats. It comes in tall (5' 7" and over) and petite (5' 3" and under) size ranges. I happen to fall in between so I guess I'm out of luck. $135.

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