Monday, August 17, 2009

A Little Help, Please

Dear Menfolk,

I'm cooking up a post on the Gap's recently launched 1969 denim collection (surely you've seen a billboard by now, bearing the "Born to Fit" slogan). The idea is that the design team supposedly put in a lot of time tooling around with denim, tweaking and re-tweaking to deliver new, more contemporary styles with an unparalleled fit at affordable prices (they're all under $70 a pop). I tried out the girls' version this past weekend (stay tuned for a report), and now I'm looking for some dudes (i.e., you) to let me know what you think of the guys' styles. If you own or have tried on a pair, I'd love to know your thoughts. Ditto if you happen to be passing by a Gap store and are suddenly seized with curiosity. I'd need to know the style you tried on, what you liked/didn't like, how they compare to your favorite denims, and if you'd actually buy them.

You can check out the press release to read all about the new offering and the nauseatingly 360 degree campaign that accompanies it (expect the usual: pop-up shops, Facebook interactivity, in-store concerts, and of course, an iPhone app). I do like the ads, but I'm so sick of the full-on, bombardier-style blitz, which seems to be de rigeur these days. I miss print. And jingles. And plain old word of mouf.

Many thanks for your contributions.


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