Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet Jack

Barring a brief foray into prepsterdom during high school, I’ve generally tended to ignore J.Crew. However, after the opening of two beautifully designed menswear shops in Tribeca and Soho piqued my interest last year, the brand has crept its way back onto my radar. A recent visit to the website uncovered a new menswear campaign featuring a smartly dressed character named Jack, who exudes a charming, sepia-tinged sense of propriety and dispenses style advice for the modern man with the tagline, “Jack Knows Best.” Whether or not you shop J.Crew, the site is worth a visit for answers to questions every guy will inevitably run into at some point in his life. Unless you were born knowing the proper pant length, what to wear to weddings, or when to don a two-button jacket vs. three, you’d do well to heed his advice. You can also submit your own questions for Jack at

Just this morning as I taxied to work, the following commercial popped up on the Taxi TV:

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