Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring 2010 Fashion Week: Lovely Librarians

Though librarian-chic hasn't been a major theme at the Spring shows, I've always had an inexplicable penchant for the look. Perhaps it reminds me of childhood days, when the Glen Ellyn Public Library was my favorite place in the world. I read voraciously and was nerd enough to play "library" by creating my own card catalog and making family members "check out" every piece of written material in our home, filling out their names on the checkout cards I'd stapled inside every book (belated apologies to my uncle, now a psychiatrist, for stapling up his DSM-IV).

I did happen across a few runway looks reminiscent of the style.

What she wears to work, by Ruffian.

What she wears while reading to the kiddies (though perhaps not so unbuttoned), by Rachel Roy.

What she wears to a party, by Araks.

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