Thursday, September 17, 2009

Field Trip: Merci Gap Concept Shop

My entire office has a crush on Parisian lifestyle boutique Merci, and yesterday my coworker Pierre and I got to visit the Merci x Gap pop-up shop in Midtown. I was excited to have stateside access to their beautiful curiosities, and pictured myself driving away from the scene in a cute red Fiat Bambino piled high with lovely treasures. The shop was teeny tiny, as pop-ups typically are, so I was a tad disappointed that there wasn't more merch. Despite the limited selection, I found plenty to covet, including a delicate floral mini dress, exquisite jewelry, a torn leather bag (which, at $130, was the least expensive accessory in the shop), a mustard-yellow Claude Montana leather jacket (which I could never pull off, but still), wing-shaped wire hangers, and a chandelier made of silver bells.

Some snapshots:

Sigh. Hang on, li'l buddy. Someday we'll have our adventure.


  1. LOVE the hangers! Can you buy?

  2. Aren't they awesome? I didn't see a price tag on them so I'm not sure. I should have asked! Anyway, I'm considering trying to make some myself. Will let you know if it's successful.