Friday, October 2, 2009

All Day I Dream About . . .

This Nakashima coffee table. Swoon.

I've been eyeing it for ages and keep having this debate with myself over whether or not I want to save up for it for my next place. I'm not looking for apartments until year's end but it's already on the brain (or, rather, shopping for it is on the brain).  The older I get, the more I crave investment pieces to make my own, rather than the throwaway, temporary bits I've used to furnish my various abodes in the past. Eight moves in the last ten years adds up to a lot of junk, and my parents' basement can only house so many remnants of my past lives.

On the other hand, I suspect I have a few more moves left to make, and it would be a terrible pain to transport it safely from place to place. Also, I'm going to have a roommate, and I fear I might turn into one of those paranoid persons who has a meltdown if someone puts a wet glass on it sans coaster.  And what to do if I have a party? Do I really have any business owning such nice things at this stage of my life? I'm thinking not.

Someday we'll be together. It just can't be now.

George Nakashima Splay-Leg Coffee Table, $1,676 @ Design Within Reach.

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  1. so brother is an artist, furniture/lamp design and made me a coffee table that is almost identicle to this...I'll send you a pic!

  2. Lucky girl! Would love to see it. Does he have a website?