Friday, October 2, 2009

Back to Packs: The Return of a Schoolyard Staple

It's a bit late for a Back to School post, but lately I've been wistfully recalling the easy, rugged functionality of the backpack. Perhaps I'm just sick of my enormous, unwieldy handbags and want to give my shoulders a much-needed break. Some research yielded the following finds:

I had no idea that incase made backpacks. For some reason, I can't stop picturing a ginormous iPhone when I look at it. I want to push the buttons. Not the most attractive, but it fits a laptop and keeps you organized with its many compartments.  Incase - Nylon Backpack (All Colors), $99 @ 80's Purple.

Fjallraven's utility packs have been all the rage lately, and their colorful styles turn a practical accessory into a Scandinavian style statement. Kanken backpack, $84 @ Assembly.

Assembly also makes its own line of luxe backpacks, if you're looking for something fancier. This cashmere backpack in dark navy is handsewn and features antiqued hardware. $128. 

Another in wool plaid, also $128.

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  1. The InCase bag also comes in black for a far less in-your-face look.

  2. sorry, just got around to seeing this now -- i did see the black one and you're right.