Monday, October 5, 2009

At Diesel, a Find Among the Fug

Once upon a time, Diesel was a place for a guy to find a pair of perfectly worn in jeans, a soft, lightly distressed tee, or a casual coat with just enough structure to carry over into a night out.  Nowadays, it's hard to turn left in there without encountering a wildly embellished jeans pocket or a jacket festooned with superfluous doodads. Last weekend, my bf and I got caught in the rain after brunch and ducked into the nearby Diesel store for shelter. After averting our gaze from more than a few baroque monstrosities, we happened across a tweed coat that was just right. The lovely warm grey-brown would pair nicely with both black and brown, the length was just right, and the classic styling rendered it timeless.  Although it was remarkably doodad-free compared to its companions on the rack, we both agreed that a tie waist wasn't really his style, and if he was going to get it, I'd have to carefully remove the belt loops.  As good as he looked in it, at $450 it was priced too dear, so we left without it, hoping to encounter it on sale in a couple of months.

Diesel Wittes Jacket in walnut/dark shadow, $450.

Ditch the floral hanky.
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