Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Thing, I Think I Love You

For the past few weeks, the blogosphere has been abuzz re: the upcoming film adaptation of  Maurice Sendak’s beloved childhood tome, Where the Wild Things Are (in theaters October 16th), and Opening Ceremony’s clothing collection inspired by the Spike Jonze film has already garnered rave reviews from well-heeled bloggeratti. For once in my life, the piece I’m most craving also happens to be the most affordable in the collection. At $220, the Alexander skirt is a slightly more realistic indulgence than say, a furry Max suit for $600.

Also, my friend Colleen clued me in to the film's amazing soundtrack. Be sure to give it a listen.

Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony Alexander mini skirt, $220.



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  1. Gorgeous! I love WTWTA but this is the only item I would wear from the collection.

  2. Yeah, the other pieces are fun and I could see someone else pulling them off really well, but I'm just not that girl.