Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baker's Delight

Last night I was treated to one of the most delicious home cooked meals I've ever had, courtesy of my friends Colleen and Joel, who recently moved to an amazing apartment in Carroll Gardens. I'd been eyeing this set of baking pans as a potential housewarming gift, but unfortunately, I couldn't make it out the Red Hook Ikea and they weren't available online. I ended up going with a family of miniature animal-shaped cookie cutters from the Broadway Panhandler, but I'm still jonesing for the pans.

I don't know whether it's supposed to be a horse or a donkey, but this set is awesome. Drömmar baking pans in red (set of two). $6.99 @ Ikea.

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  1. The pans are in the shape of the Dala Horse of Sweden:

  2. Thanks for the info! Checking it out now . . .