Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holy #%@$, My Friends Are Having Babies

My friend Naveen just gave birth to a baby boy! She's the first of my inner circle to have a baby, and I think I might be more freaked out about it than she is. The next time I go to LA, there will be a brand new, tiny little person to meet, and since I want to make a good impression on him, I'd better come bearing a kick-ass gift. Some ideas:

This one is as much a decorative piece as it is a plaything. Scandinavian Rocking Horse, $190 @ Acorn.

Flensted Happy Whales Mobile, $29 @ Design Public.

 Georgie Giraffe, $24 @ Anthropologie.

Polar bear suit, $24.50 @ Crazy 8.

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  1. very cute. i'm also in love with some of oeuf's stuff right now. they have gorgeous clothes (often on sale when they have their holiday market) and i'm personally obsessed with this eiffel tower pillow.

  2. it's adorable -- thanks for the tip. checking out the rest of their website now . . .