Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Strikes . . .

It’s a week for losing things. Last Friday, someone walked off with my favorite Marimekko umbrella at Bunnychow, and this morning I left my black Theory blazer in the back of a cab en route to work.  There goes my once-weekly uniform, which consisted of said blazer with sleeves rolled up, skinny jeans, a slouchy white u-neck, a tangle of necklaces, and turquoise Lanvin flats.

I know it’s silly to attach so much value to material things, but damn, two of my oft-worn staples in one week? Lesson learned: never step out of doors with valuables unless they are physically attached to your person.

I s’pose it’s time to shut up about it and move on, although “moving on” is going to cost me a pretty penny.  I’ve already re-ordered the umbrella but figured I might as well investigate some other options, and I’m on a mission to replace the blazer (which you can read about it in the latter half of this two-part post).

I think I’ll revisit The Umbrellas of Cherbourg for some inspiration . . .

The most basic of the bunch. I love that the crook handle is also clear. Clear Bubble Stick Umbrella, $13.59 @ Target.

Or spice up your bubble with a bright pop of trim. Clear Bubble Umbrella, $18 @ Urban Outfitters.

Go folksy-floral with Cath Kidston's Tiny Mini Folding Umbrella, £ 20 @ Brollies Galore.

Portable sunshine on a cloudy day, via Romanelli's Essence Walking Umbrella, £ 19.99 @ Brollies Galore.

Rainy day lingerie. Fulton Eliza Devore Black Lace Umbrella, £ 22 @ Brollies Galore.

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