Thursday, October 8, 2009

And We're Back!

Apologies for the delayed posts today -- my internet has been down since last night. Time Warner and I are in a fight. The much-maligned (and for good reason) internet/cable service provider earned itself a spot on my short list of mortal enemies long ago, but has really been ramping it up lately with fairweather internet service that seems to fail me when I'm most in need. They have also inspired wrath in my roomie for their refusal to fix her On Demand (which hasn't worked in over a year) and also for the deletion of her saved DVR recordings, but mostly for their ugly redesign.

But enough about my personal vendettas.  I have many wonderful things to share with you and have to make up for time lost. For those of you email subscribers who only got one itsy bitsy post today, tomorrow will be Christmas.

I'm in the mood for new dresses and feel like going dark, with opaque black tights and intense bright lipstick.  Two contenders from Need Supply:

Maurie & Eve Future Side Pocket Dress, $159.

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  1. love these...and your previous grey post...i am obsessed with grey...i realized this week everything i've worn has been grey...and will probably be next week too

  2. I could probably start a spin-off blog entirely about grey clothing. Half the time I don't even realize I'm wearing it. I think I wear one grey piece every day. I don't know if it's an urban camouflage thing, or if my brain still believes I'm a sullen teenager who thinks the world is devoid of color.

    Oh well. I love, and will continue to post.