Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coral: Not Just for the Leathery Ladies of Palm Springs

I normally take coral jewelry to be but a summertime fling that's relegated to the back of the jewelry stash come Fall, but I kind of want to experiment with it this season. Two pieces I like, and how I would wear them:

I think this would look really rich paired with black, and would work beautifully as a necklace. I often  convert my bracelets into necklaces by threading a chain through the bracelet ends and attaching it to the clasp once I've found the appropriate length. I tuck the extra length into the back of my shirt, or, if it's a pretty chain, I just let it hang down my back. Chunky bracelets are suddenly transformed into unique, face-framing statement pieces, and getting more mileage out of your purchase just feels so darn good. Bonus: oversized chokers are a major trend this Fall. Maslodesign Meloncholly bracelet, $68.

I also often do the reverse, wrapping a long bracelet around my wrist several times (sometimes it takes an extra hand to close it) to make a chunky, layered bracelet. I think it would be especially interesting with this necklace since there would be mixed layers of bead and chain.  Garnett Jewelry Coral Beaded Necklace, $68.

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