Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From Grind to Play: Workday Dresses That Beg To Be Taken Out For Cocktails

The dress code at my office is pretty lax -- leather pants are perfectly acceptable in our finance department (work it, Roberto), a bit of cleavage before noon won't raise any eyebrows, flannel shirts are commonplace, and if you're a creative, well, anything goes. I have to say that it's pretty convenient to be able to shift from daytime to evening without sacrificing too much style, and it allows me to scoff in disdain at the stuffy jackets and pantsuits I invariably encounter during happy hour.  Your workplace may not be as awesome relaxed as mine, but here's my version of workwear that can be taken out for drinks without getting you labeled as a dull nine-to-fiver. I apologize in advance if any of these killer looks inspires a lecture from HR.

I just ordered Surface to Air's Rubin Dress, and if all goes well when I try on, I'll be strutting into the office with it on Monday, with patterned tights and loads of necklaces. $192 @ Oak.

Go ladylike with this Paul and Joe Sister Wool-blend mini dress, $180 @ Net-a-Porter.

Charlotte Ronson Lace Trimmed Suit Dress is hyper-femme with vintage-inspired lace details, dainty belt, and slim, pencil silhouette. $188 @ Candystore Collective.


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  1. ohhhh i love those:) I wear stuff like this a lot to work...nothing an opaque tight can't fix, that's my motto:) totally apropriate!

  2. my thoughts exactly! i'm so glad i don't have to suit up for work. bring on the mini's.