Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My New Crush: Micaela Greg

God bless Google Reader. I love that during a dull moment, I can turn to it and discover among my ever-multiplying subscriptions some treasure to stimulate, inspire, and entice. My big find this afternoon came courtesy of The Cut.  SF-based sisters Marie and Karen Potesta are the talent behind promising new label Micaela Greg, and I am completely enamored of their gorgeous knits. I just paged through their Fall 2009 collection (which consists only of black and cream). Covetous thoughts ensued.

Some standouts:

An oversized canvas showcases their awe-inspiring skill. Oversized Optical Sweater, $300.

How amazing is this origami-inspired skirt? Trapezoid High Waist Skirt, $435.


Perfection in an eye-catching cardi. Geo Cardigan, $275.

Op Legging, $275. A tough price to swallow, but not so much when you consider that leggings are practically pants these days.

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