Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Science of Sleep

I normally take Saturdays off from the blog, but I'm here today to make up for shirking my duties over the past couple of days. This week, my body suddenly decided it was time to go into serious hibernation mode and I felt fatigued in a way I’ve never experienced. It got so bad that I even skipped my Thursday night gym class, a weekly ritual I approach with a quasi-religious devotion. As a result of this sudden bout of narcolepsy, I’ve got silky pajamas and fuzzy blankets on the brain.

Must have now:

Arlota cashmere eye mask, $30 @ Journelle.

Julianne Maria shorts, $64 @ Journelle.

Anthropologie Amid the Mystic Robe, $118.

My soft, chunky Twinkle throw is a mainstay on my bed in the winter, but how awesome would it be to have an enormous pile of them? $247 @ Design Public. More lovely colors available.

Oh, but then I saw this. Twinkle Living Handknit Popcorn Throw, $264 @ Design Public. More colors available.

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