Saturday, December 19, 2009

Coat Check: Outerwear Finds For Under $150

NYC (and much of the East coast) is about to turn into a wintry wonderland, with forecasts predicting snowfall all day and into the night. Though bitter cold temps and ferocious winds have been punishing us for several days now, the first snowfall always seems to cement the fact that winter is here to stay. While snow piles itself upon your windowsill and blankets your city in soft white dust, you might want to take advantage of your housebound status and score some sweet deals on winter merch from the comfort of your sofa. There's nothing like the promise of a cute coat to chase away the "oh-my-god-it-really-is-winter" blues, especially when that coat can be yours for a pittance. Three standouts from ModCloth:

Vintage euro chic. Wear this one to bid adieu to your long-distance paramour at the train station, while snow falls dramatically all around you.  Bahnhof coat, $79.99

This one would make for a cute winter scene against a northerly, snow-covered landscape. The Heart Coat in Ann, $149.99.

Elegance, rendered in sweatshirt material. Sign me up. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Coat, $79.99.
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