Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Gifts: Edibles Edition

Since we can't all jet off to Paris for our holiday shopping and come back with armloads of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, les américains will have to make do with whatever's available for delivery to the continental US of A.  We've already covered Charbonnel et Walker's decadent truffles and MarieBelle's divine Aztec hot cocoa mix, so I thought I'd share a few inventive, non-traditional ideas for gifting edibles.  

Hot chocolate on a stick from the Chocolate Company, via the oh-so-yummy Happy Lady Eats (who also has a DIY version of it for you clever ones), $ . Just dip it in some milk et voila: a delicious cup of cocoa transports itself from the Netherlands to your mug.

Chocolate Pie Chart by Mary and Matt, $20 @ Chocolate Editions. I'm sure this is one chart your office mates won't mind reading.

Cider in a satchel from Chewing the Cud, via Black Eiffel, $6 each.  As Rachel notes, you should also consider their lovely, reusable fabric wrapping paper.

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