Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Obsession: Sweet Prints from Lola's Room

I'm eagerly anticipating the delivery of a couple of prints from Lola's Room, purveyor of vintage-inspired photographs by Cassia Beck. I've fallen head over heels for her faded candy colors and sweet-as-sugar subject matter, and was thrilled to find that just about all of her pretty pictures could be had for $25 or less.  Poke around her Etsy shop and you'll see why I had trouble limiting myself to just two. I hope to someday have enough walls to merit purchasing the entire lot of them. I don't know this Lola, but I do know that I'm pretty envious of her room, which presumably contains all of the lovely treasures shown in the photographs.

Here are the two that are on their way to me. Can't wait to find a place for them.

The Shoe Collection, 8 x 8 print, $25.

The Long Summer, 8 x 8 print, $25.

Some others I would love to collect, perhaps in a medley of various sizes, matted and unmatted:

Mint, 8 x 8 print, $25.

Instant Dreams, 8 x 8 print, $25

My Lollipop, 5 x 5 print, $15.

My walls would like to thank the always inspiring decor8 for tipping me off to this.

Photo credit: Cassia Beck

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