Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paul Smith x Everything

It seems Sir Paul Smith is quite collab-savvy. We've seen Evian bottles and motorbikes, Japanese headphones and bicycle seats, fine china and upholstery. His brand of British quirk can now be seen emblazoned on Apple accessories, such as this laptop bag, which marries my love of the Mini Cooper and PS signature stripes.  Good day, incase. I've found a new home for my Mac.

Paul Smith, pretty please won't you do a diffusion menswear collection for Target next?

13" Mini Cooper Sleeve, £ 79

The collection also includes adorable socks for your iPod nano, £ 30.

A look back at some of my favorites . . .


Thomas Goode China

Audio Technica Headphones

Kashimax Bicycle Seat

Maharam Upholstered sofa

Maharam Sneaks

Photo credit:
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5, 6) www.otto-otto.com

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