Friday, December 18, 2009

Money-Saving Tip: Fill a Sexy Flask

I'm not much of a drinker. One will get me buzzing, and two will get the party started. Three will . . . well, you probably don't want to see what that looks like. Being a lightweight has its perks, chief among them being that I spend only a fraction of the cash my friends do when we hit the bars. The other day I got to imagining what their bills must look like at the end of the night, and wondered how often it's actually worth it. Unless I were obscenely wealthy, I really don't think I could stomach five or six drinks a night (pun intended) at $12 a pop, probably because I'd equate the expense to a pair of shoes I could have bought, or a great steak I might have enjoyed.  We're all entitled to spend our hard-earned dough however we want to, but if you find yourself fretting over a meager holiday shopping budget, dreaming about a new winter wardrobe, or just lookng for ways to cut costs without sacrificing your personal life, might I suggest an old-fashioned remedy?

Since the economy took a turn for the worse, flasks have been experiencing a surge in popularity, and I suspect it's for the very reason that it's just cheaper to drink your own nowadays. Pre-gaming, a term I'd forgotten soon after I left college, has reentered our parlance. What's better than a group of friends gathering at someone's home to throw back a few and set a warm, fun tone for the evening, or passing around a flask, stealthily sneaking sips of your homemade (superior) concoctions?

Here's a roundup of some stylish vessels to cart around the next time you hit the movies town. New Year's could get interesting.

This hammered beauty was hand wrought by the the Master Guild of Pewtersmiths in England. Concord Vulcan Flask, 6oz., $65 @ Blackbird.

Another handsome devil from the famed English Pewtersmiths. I really like saying the word "pewtersmith." Concord Essex flask, 3 oz., $65 @ Blackbird.

It's the Pewtersmiths again. Concord Roundshoulder Flask, 6. oz, $65 @ Henry and Lulu. Sleeeek.

I saw this one at In God We Trust last week and got a kick out of it. Poison indeed. $50 in store or through Refinery29, where it's currently on backorder.

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