Friday, December 25, 2009

Photos from an Imaginary Christmas

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday with loved ones. Though mine was Christmas-free (tear), I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in the company of my parents, brothers, cousins, and an adorable nephew. Nestled in the snow-covered suburbs of DC, thoughts far removed from my day-to-day, I slipped into warm, fuzzy reverie, reflecting on the scene before me. The fireplace roared as laughter rang, comfort food and sweets were devoured, current affairs discussed, movies watched, and baking plans outlined for the remainder of our vacances. Despite the fact that my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, we love that the holiday gives us an excuse to get together like this. The sentiment can't really be articulated, but I've come across some photos that do a great job of capturing what it feels like.

Elements of an imaginary Christmas:

Over at A Field Journal, the amazingly talented Livy constructed a Christmas village inspired by vintage glitter houses, and the results are just breathtaking. Go on and head over for the full story, more pictures, as well as instructions for making your own.
The cutest little church

A lovely pink forest

A wreath made from a bottle brush

A shot of the village

Danielle Thompson's candy-colored stockinged fireplace scene, via Design*Sponge.

This fun yarn ball wreath from Pickles, via Black*Eiffel.

The perfect tree, via Design*Sponge:

And ornaments I might have decorated it with, from Curious Girl via Apartment Therapy LA:

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