Friday, December 4, 2009

Prepare for Wintry Mix: Three Coats to Keep it Cozy

"Wintry mix" is such a misnomer. When I hear the term, I picture a cloud of gingerbread-scented snowflakes, candy canes, and cozy mittens swirling tornado-like upon the city, blanketing it in holiday cheer. Sadly, in reality it most likely involves navigating through muddy grey slush that seeps through boots while what feels like thousands of tiny icicles stab at your exposed face, all the while your nose running uncontrollably in a most unattractive manner.

Before the first wintry mix descends upon us, blighting our souls and dashing hopes of Spring, you had better be sure you have a warm, woolly coat. You might still be miserable, but at least you'll look cute when you take that first tumble on treacherous black ice. Here are three that fit the bill.

Swinging London. Plastic Island London Coat Dress, $212.50 @ Buy Definition.

A modern take on a classic. Arden Peacoat, $68 @ NeedSupply.

Blond buttons loo fresh on navy wool. Dear Creatures - Womens Catalina Coat (Charcoal), $210 @ 80's Purple.

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