Friday, December 4, 2009

Little Extras: Tabletop Accoutrements

Things I don't need, but can't stop collecting:

I've got several sets of lovely drinking glasses, and yet I keep finding more to covet. Love these delicate tumblers from Danish brand Tine K. They would make pretty vessels for juice, wine (as demonstrated during dinner at Vinegar Hill House this week), or even a single flower. Available at Horne, they're usually $12 for large, and $9 for the small, but the current Daily Candy Deals promotion will get you 25% off when you enter code CANDY25 @ checkout.

On a trip to Paris last year,  I picked up a pair of rectangular aluminum trays adorned with kitschy French postcard prints. I've been using them on the regular ever since and had no idea they'd prove so useful. They're great for dining, serving, and breakfasting in bed. I'd love to have this round rooster design for serving beverages and it would look great leaning upright on a counter, but it's more than I'm willing to pay for a tray so I'll have to pray it goes on sale. Simrin Farmyard Large Round Rooster Tray, $140 @ Velocity Art and Design.

This perfectly rumpled purple checked dish towel from Japanese company Fog Linen Work makes a simple yet lovely addition to the kitchen as a napkin or simply sitting sinkside. $14 @ Horne (same drill as above -- enter code to save 25%).


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