Saturday, December 5, 2009

Underwear Evangelism: Gilly Hicks Down Under Undies - 5 for $25!

My friend Marlo recently introduced me to Aussie-themed lingerie label Gilly Hicks via an email blast announcing a 5 for $25 sale on underoos from their Down Under collection.  Since I'm a sucker for pretty underthings, the prospect of saving a small fortune on said underthings sent me over the moon, so I soon found myself perusing the website in pursuit of this dream. Gilly Hicks did not disappoint. Before I knew it,  I had snatched up ten lovely bikini briefs, boy shorts, and thongs in mesh, lace, cotton, and myriad combinations of the above, and burst into the living room to spread the gospel to my roommate. Save a few printed styles I didn't much care for, most of their underwear looked to be the perfect combination of casual comfort and sex appeal, making it a great everyday go-to. They've even managed to somehow render boring old cotton styles into things of beauty.  Mine are due to arrive mid-month, and I can't wait to see how they turn out in person. Some favorites, below:

Drew Cotton Short. Regular price: $16.

Keary Mesh Short. Regular price: $18.

Whitley lace thong. Regular price: $18.

Whitley Lace Boy Bikini. Regular price: $18.

Emmett Lace Cheeky Short. Regular price: $20.

UPDATE: FYI, As a commenter pointed out, Gilly Hicks is an Abercrombie and Fitch-owned company.

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  1. I think Gilly Hicks is an Abercrombie and Fitch brand.

  2. You're right! A&F is in fact the parent company, so it's not actually Australian, but has an Australian theme. I just corrected the post to reflect that.

  3. Do you know how long this sale will be on?

  4. The website doesn't specify. I would think at least through the end of the week?

    Just FYI, they seem to ship pretty quickly, at least to the NYC area. I ordered mine on Friday with standard shipping and they're due to arrive tomorrow.